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Matecraft is a place to play with an amazing community of kind and friendly players and staff!

Any purchases go directly to supporting Matecraft! We are not Mojang and we are not affiliated with Mojang. Any problems with purchases should be taken up with us and not with Mojang.

Everything available in this store can be earned through in game methods with the exception of cosmetics and merchandise.

All Payments are processed through the secure payment gateway, PayPal. Unfortunately we are not able to accept non-PayPal payments.


Note to Parents:

We understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the internet can be a bit worrying.

Your child is playing on an online world, with many other players, each player starts with a default rank, which comes with many features already, but not all of them, when purchasing a package we provide the player with extra features, depending on the package.

Please Note:

All payments are processed and received via Tebex.

You will receive what you paid for when the payment comes through.

This can take up to 10-15 minutes, if your rank still does not show in the game after 10-15 minutes, please contact us. Please do not contact Mojang about concerns on payments, they have nothing to do with the payments to Matecraft

Our Refund Policy:

Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy.

Since you can not replace the time it took to assign you your rank, and/or give back the items you received no refunds will be granted.

Executing a chargeback/dispute will get your account banned from our server automatically.


We require personal information to prevent fraud or abuse of our systems.

Your details will never be given or sold to any company or organization outside from Matecraft without prior notification, we strive to keep this information as safe as possible.

You will not receive any spam emails or similar, we may contact you in case we notice issues with your payment.


Matecraft is NOT affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB.

Minecraft is © Mojang AB 2009 - 2017

Note: All the prices on the store are in United States Dollars BUT if you are from other countries such as the United Kingdom, etc, you can select your currency from the top right of the webstore. Please make sure you know what is in a package before purchasing!

Nexus Codes [/redeem]: FeelingSheepish, GoingBatty, PiglinPal

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