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Matecraft is a place to play with an amazing community of kind and friendly players and staff!

Any purchases go directly to supporting Matecraft! We are not Mojang and we are not affiliated with Mojang. Any problems with purchases should be taken up with us and not with Mojang.

Everything available in this store can be earned through in game methods with the exception of cosmetics and merchandise.

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Server Address/IP: mc.matecraft.org

Note: All the prices on the store are in United Stated Dollars BUT if you are from other countries such as the United Kingdom, etc, you can select your currency from the top left of the webstore. Please make sure you know what is in a package before purchasing!

Everything in this webstore is either entirely cosmetic, or can be earned through in-game means.

e.g Flight can be achieved on Survival with feathers, on Enchanted with runes e.t.c.

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